The United Kingdom is home to the fashion capital of the world. It is therefore only right that the United Kingdom is also home to the best haircare products in the world. In 2008 Hairbond was born to fill this gap. With a range of products for all types of hair and all types of styles,

Hairbond proudly flies the flag for Britain in the haircare industry. Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, Hairbond uses only the best ingredients to formulate professional standard products to create an authentic British product of the highest possible quality.

Haircare has become a lifestyle essential and Hairbond is the product of choice for people all over the world. The Hairbond brand is distinctive and luxurious, bringing together British fashion and ingenuity for the best possible results.

Hairbond is now trading all over the world and our mission is to put the best of British haircare on the map as an exciting and high quality product for people all over the world.

The Hairbond brand was brought into existence by Scott Michaels, a hairdressing entrepreneur from the historic city of Lancaster in the North West of England. After fifteen years of working with and retailing substandard, imported products in his distinguished salon, Scott believed there was an opportunity to produce a high quality British alternative to give his customers maximum satisfaction.

“We truly believe in being a brand for the people…”

In 2008 he set out to achieve this goal by creating Hairbond. Scott’s aim was to produce the very best haircare products to put Britain on the map in the haircare industry. It has been important to Scott that all of Hairbond’s products are designed, developed and distributed from within the United Kingdom. He said: “Britain is the home of style and creativity. I want people to be proud in the knowledge that their haircare products have been conceived and actualised in Britain and know for that reason it is the very best. We truly believe in being a brand for the people and our Hairbond’s Next Top Model competition is a testament to that belief. We love seeing how everyone embraces the product with their own unique styles, it’s fantastic!”

Scott says of Hairbond: “The brand has taken off beyond what I first thought imaginable. The cult following we have amassed, the celebrity endorsements we have received and with people all over the world using Hairbond, the experience so far has been nothing short of humbling during the short time that we have been trading. With our award winning products I believe the sky is the limit: we are now exporting Britain’s finest haircare product around the globe and we want to see Hairbond on the shelves of salons in every corner of the world. Our products are the professional choice for the most satisfying haircare experience.”