CJ Martin Hairbond Artistic Team member

Low down on Artistic Team member and HEAT member: CJ Martin

Owner of Bicester Barbers, CJ has over a decade of experience and is as passionate as they come when it comes to barbering: “I’d be in the salon from 7am until 11pm if I could be. I fell in love with the job immediately and haven’t looked back since.

It’s this passion that strongly pushes CJ to improve himself and others and want to be a part of such a fantastic team of Artistic Team as well as the Hairbond Educate Ambassadors: “I love this idea of coming together, learning from such great barbers, gaining different ideas and sharing our skills.

“I think this is a really unique opportunity for Hairbond to work as a platform to connect barbers from across the country and raise our standards. The opportunity to help promote the education of the trade and train the next generation of barbers is something I’m excited to be a part of.
CJunnamed @Bicesterbarbers